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Passion Makes Perfect

First off welcome and thanks for dropping by

I am Papiya D Yogini


I started SelfSoulSpirit to account for explorations, along my journey of divine encounters, with a view to sharing the secrets, to graduate from Self-Reliance to Self-Realisation.

Along the way, I got inspired to encapsulate the process of evolution, into a graded program with digestible nuggets, which then translated into my pet project Yogic Lifestyle Model.

Somewhere somehow I lost the posts of my sharing, which I compiled over a couple of years at my website, but that does not stop us from unlocking more treasures with the 3 eternal keys -

Yogic Know-How to unlock the Mind,

Yogic Do-How to unlock the Body,

Yogic Be-How to unlock the Spirit


Down below you will find my first-ever attempt at putting up a candid & amusing video composition

showcasing the formula way back in 2020

(Never mind that the message is anything but clear, we sure shall get it right along the way :-))


Today after conscious efforts to stabilize myself out of radical upheavals since, battling major health issues,

that came along with role & responsibility challenges,

I am much excited to start off a brand new journey with all who resonate, the TechSavvy looking to get YogSavvy


Which excites me to solemnize it by establishing a tribe of like-minded achievers & leaders called TechYogHub


There is also a drive to take this to the next level, in a collaborative effort,

with trainers & experts in the field of yoga, looking for a common platform,

for us all to profit from such collabenture, which I fondly call YogiYoginiForce


Guess what, we do not stop there either,

just as we empanel even specialists & masters to add more & more value

to enable a premier experience for all participants


Where do we begin you ask?

Well allow me to do the asking

Do you feel the ill effects of TechnoStress?

Are you riddled with niggling health issues and seeking to remedy your Lifestyle with Nature Care & Cure?

How do you like the idea of taking this up at a dynamic community level?

Do you agree it involves a step-by-step process of unfolding during such an association?

If so, then it makes sense to go on to the action steps next

To begin with, we get talking; at a Discovery Call, to find out if we are a good fit

How does that sound?


In case you happen to find a solution to your problem here, and choose to enroll, then the floodgates open

Brace up for a barrage of goodies coming your way, to set you up at the outset

You get an exclusive invitation to a transformative workshop with your assigned Yogic Guide

If you are still in the game, for the long run, gear up to pitch in a membership fee,

to be eligible for the phenomenal benefits coming your way

Abundance Alert!

(What are those periodical inflows into your account happening at all, if not to exchange for what serves you well,

to get further enriched, by Divine design, true or true :-))


Thereon you get access to the 3 levels of the Yogic Lifestyle Model

Level One "Self-Discovery to Goal-Card" along with *Yogic Nuggets to connect with Nature

Level Two "Case Sheet to Strategy Sheet" along with *Yogic Pills for varied Ills

Level Three Initiation into Energy Healing, plus expounding on *Yogic Manuals as prescribed for us Humankind

And that happens to be the Pathway to Yogic Empowerment


So my friend, if you find my journey integrates into yours enough,

to identify problem, to solve problem, & eventually to grow beyond problems,

let's shake hands

What will it cost you?

I ask you in turn

How much would you be keen on investing towards this cause?

Your valuable time, intensive effort to keep up, & precious energy committed towards wellness & well-being 

Once you are totally invested, only then will you achieve what you seek

Only then will it be right of me to claim the exchange value


Let's get started!

Place your right hand on your heart & declare -

Yes I'm all in, to give whatever it takes, to Create a New Me 

Break-Free of what ails me today & Break-Through to the Next Dimension

Out, Up, & Beyond

Take in a deep deep breath, as you visualize & embrace this New Version of you

Celebrate it as you revel in it

Aaa..nd let go

Just know in your heart of hearts, you are in the right space, right here, right now

Remind yourself time & again to come back to this sanctuary within you

And watch it crystalizing into your reality, as you enjoy the trip

Let's ride the wave together if you will​​​​​​​