I come across this animated story, telling me, that it’s not to lose or gain, but for us to see what we become, to transform ourselves, along the journey. The treasure is exactly where one is, only need to go around to know of it, to turn into something worthwhile. Not to look back, not stop, pause may be, but move on towards own dream, own mission. Listen to the heart. Meanwhile, I picture it thus, not to look for the potential of the sun within, not even to connect with the forces of the moon, not to look at the planets as the guides nor at the cosmos as the field of play. Merely be the star, blinking, need not be; & chill therein, just be.

My team player & partner in yoga has this to say regarding the revelations on my attunement & resultant wish-fulfilling, which turns out to be doting but more fleeting; ‘just go for it, that it comes to you, that it all happens & beckons, cherish it, all of the abundance, go for it, ask for more & more’. Just when I am pre-warned that I might not have enough to gain out of this partnership, which the prophet urges me to realize by now. That set me back, to see how, any step that is taken to work out a joint venture, only seems to go bust, however intense the intent, towards higher purposes & the greater cause. I decide to let the storms attempt to detract as much, we hold on, if not anything else, let it take us adrift or drowning, we keep up with the vision & mission, together.

Then comes up a talk, an award winning speech, in a video I chance upon, telling each one, ‘I see in you something, only its not known what’. How each one is unique, but universe has got its own ways; where it leaves one broken, piece by piece, lost, & eventually broke. It only takes away, & then it is not easy to see how special one is. I choose to work the angel within me, the healing touch, the heartening presence, the showering grace of the Almighty, the medium for the Forces, the feel of Godliness, the form of the Goddess. I have seen its effects for sure, with those having even a mere brush, visibly enjoying its effects. Be the masters or the seekers; the core is That, reaching out for That; be with me, keep me with you.