In a Nature Cure Center, an inmate is treated to a regulated routine of therapies throughout the day. The morning begins with yoga, some cleansing kriyas, followed by the recommended juice; after which one goes for oil massage, steam bath or mud bath. Thereafter a single serving of breakfast as per the diet chart is provided along with herbal tea. A visit to the Naturopath for updations as per individual conditions and observations is scheduled during the daytime. Around noon there could be a medical yoga session for specific cases; and for lunch, each one is provided the prescribed meal. Mud packs for the abdomen and eyes are delivered to the rooms for the rest time.

During the late afternoons, the second round of various therapies is taken up; some of which are common for all, like acupressure and magnet therapy. Those designed as per the requirement of the patient are lined up for the evening such as kati snan, guggul lep, infrared rays, cupping, shirodhara, leech treatment. Around this time the recommended juices are served. Thereafter one is to take a mindful walk amidst nature, and specialized therapies like Reiki or crystal therapy may also be availed of.

Candidates can participate in the evening prayers and chanting, after which dynamic yoga is conducted. The next meal as per recommendation is served by sunset, post which an educative and boosting talk by the doctor is held for all to attend. A nightly walk before retiring is advised, to round up an activity-packed routine.