I started off with a Start-up with yogi partners, endeavouring to set up a Yoga Studio, which fizzled out over feasibility & viability.

I got an opportunity to relieve a Yoga teacher at a prominent school, which would entail more of serving the institution of the school than of Yoga, I figured.

I interned & learned the workings & systems of a Naturopathy center, to be able to run its private retreat at the proximity of a picturesque hill-station, the concept of which got washed away with the rains and failure of gainful negotiation.

I conceptualized yogalaya & yogashram with yogis & swamijis, but got advocated against since it ran into unwarranted underlying issues.

I also had a stint of contracting with a princess in a land of sadhus with a proposal of yoga by the holy riverside; the association, however, took a turn towards personal issues.

I conducted workshops and camps at different forums, which sure can be a heartening experience & enriching exposure.

I was encouraged to raise a yoga & tantra School by tantriks which never ran aground for lack of surety of putting it up at prime cities as against spreading awareness functioning from a location of choice.

I shook hands with a culture ministry representative at a national museum religious event while attending as a VIP guest in addition to hosting a classic lokleela presentation as the trustee; as I entered into an informal understanding & agreement to bring on events based on yoga culture & heritage.

I was party to writing to temple authorities for participation at festivals with a proposal to depict the lives of buddha as also local spiritual heroes.

I contacted medical institution & fitness club for private referrals & personal training, which turns out to be quite labour centric, involving exclusive service along with travel time & costs.

I got to head an ancient research institute cum retreat at a holy destination, the immediate prospects of which however was not high or sustainable being located at a Bhakti Yoga concentrated environment.

I offered my learnings & teachings to the local community of my residence, to see how it is appreciated in such a market consisting of all sorts.

I found myself stationed at home as a yoga blogger, which proved to be a welcome break for some content bank creation.

I came around an event manager of a prominent software company that had the welfare of its employees figuring majorly in its agenda; who turns out are not quite yogically inclined, as I offered to conduct awareness drive sessions.

I then took it up as my mission to offer the gateway of yogic lifestyle for those stuck in a tech lifestyle in the IT industry, & turn techies into yogies; as I got around to formulating a digital product of e-courses named TechSavvyYoga & founding a TechYogHub for the community online.

Thus, I have ventured into the online business of digital coaching, & internet marketing as a yogapreneur, even as I look to keeping up with yogic explorations as a yoga nomad once the systems & automation take over.

Been an awesome journey so far!