How to Understand & Manage Obesity – Keypoints:

*Energy Intake v/s Energy Consumption – Eat Less & Exercise More

–Low Calorie and High Fibre Diet

*Food cravings tend to be for pleasure, comfort and gratification

–Mind–mastery, as in self-mastery techniques help

Relax into the act (of eating) along with auto-suggestion

Talk to the mind, the body, and to food

Enjoy the food, bringing on the feeling of satisfaction

HAPPINESS ANALYSIS provides the Yogic approach to deal with Obesity-

*Here the Law of Diminishing Returns comes to play

Watch for the trigger at the inner state of your mind

*Slow down with 5 deep breaths

–Don’t hurry; Be happy

*Savour the flavour

–Go slow; Go easy

–Not rush; Not gulp

*Gentle graded Yoga serves a long way

–Not strain in case of heart and back conditions

–Breathe, Stretch, Loosen

–Sun salutations, Asanas