Whole lot of Mayhem; Within & Without

Interestingly, That much more getting flooded with Insights

So I had this Revelation; This world is essentially about odds and adverse setting

Everyone and everything is only meant to put you off

Our existence & purpose is meant to beat it along the way

By invoking That Super Power element within us

The greater we are facing means the greater we are to score

We equip and gear up to be able to make it to the next level

The battering and beatings are the challenges thrown in to emerge victorious

The trickier it gets means we are being challenged to tackle it

It believes we have it in us and so we get more & more opportunities to escalate

Every treatment is remedial or in furtherance towards our cause, our mission, our vision, our passion

My Creator, the Almighty is behind what happens with us, for us, and therefore through us

We can rest easy; It’s all Gods doing; God is to work it all out

It’s just the ticking time and the norms that make it tough

It is your connect with what you believe that is surely to work its way

Sow in efforts, Reap the effects

Whatever is due; To give or come; Transpires accordingly

All the effort & intention put in is warranted, is commendable, is accountable

The apt & appropriate destiny is to take shape; It’s a given

Meanwhile all that we are having to go through is just that

Meant to undergo; Meant to be; To learn, to refine, to evolve

That’s all there is to living it out; Every breath take the next best step

That’s it; The only way, only thing that works

It’s not in the numbers; There is some other calculation going on

We only have got to prove ourselves worthy by keeping up the right spirit

Our role & contribution gets played out just as it is meant; Not more, not less

It’s just the attitude that we can maintain to take us, to keep us going

That’s all that matters; That’s the game at all!