The entire Game Plan is such

That any step you take up

It has the capacity to enrich you that much more.

That’s my offering and my promise to you.

At Yogic Lifestyle Model

To Know the Design is Level 1

To Do the Plan is Level 2

To Go the Path is Level 3

You Know better, with Yogic Understanding at Level 1

The Gold Mine of Knowledge & Concepts.

You Perform better, with Yogic Management at Level 2

The Diamond Chest of Therapies and Techniques.

You Function even better at a Higher Level, with Yogic Mastery at Level 3

The Platinum Treasure of Sutras and Sciences.

Know Thy Self with Yogic Education Blueprint

Gear Up with Warrior Formula

Raise Awareness with Yogic Know-How

Rewire with Time out Tune in Audibles

Connect & Expand with Yogic Do-How

Nourish Thy Soul with Tech Savvy Yoga

Recharge with Routine Mixes

Nature Cure at Remedies for Maladies

Integrative Techniques at Therapies for Lifestyle Disorder

Elevate Vibes at Healing Frequencies

Follow Thy Bliss-ful Spirit with Tech Savvy Guru

Prescription for Life at Veda Manual

Be the Eternal Yogi at Advanced Practices

Be the Authority at Higher Sciences

Mentor Mantra at Guru Counsel

Yogically Yours Papiya D Yogini