The X category, the fairer sex, the females, the she-class, the womenfolk, are “more” about the heart & art, the creative spirit, that is to do with the right brain & lunar energy. The Y kind is “more” hardy, left-brain oriented practical & logical, analytical & calculative, impulsive, with the solar energy more active.

My observation says a girl is all-out to prove how true she is, and the man is always looking for the assurance of how great he is. Hence the irreconcilable tussle, in their own right.

She is the power, the shakti behind all, where the male counterpart can take on the world for her, ultimately to seek solace in the feminine comfort.

The lady chooses to allow understanding, resilience & sacrifice, whereas the gentry of the gent would rather deal head-on that which is unacceptable, sort it out there & then, & get going.

Where women are sensitive, with deep feelings, men are high on sensibility & righteousness, all geared to out-prove.

Each is appreciable in their own right. I have always wondered, God has made just about two kinds, even so, it leads to so much of commotion & disregard. If only everyone could appreciate & honour respectively, there could be so much harmony.

Each counterpart either completes the other, or any one kind can endeavour to develop the contra aspects, to be a whole person. Either Shiva & Shakti look out for each other to experience the union, the source of creation, the Advaita, or each one sources & cultivates the Divine element within, to realize the Truth of existence.