Yogic Lifestyle Model

Feeling Inspired

Whole lot of Mayhem; Within & Without Interestingly, That much more getting flooded with Insights So I had this Revelation; This world is essentially about odds and adverse setting Everyone

It’s My Journey, My Life, My Creation

Step by Step I make my Choice The universe aligns the Components Thought by thought I feed my Psyche It readjusts the Settings As I allow the shift in Track

Women Health- Nature Care & Cure

Care Regulate Stress, Blood sugar, Stimulants Hygiene Ensure Iron consumption, Regular meals, Essential fats Take in lots of Water to nourish the Cells, Skin, Arteries Awareness of Diet, Exercise, Stress,

Calm down, Spread Joy- Mind your States of Mind

Moods and states of mind take one on a trip of sorts. Chronic episodes of highs & lows take a toll on general well-being. It is imperative to take conscious

Care of the Blood Pump- Heart Health and Strength

Love your Heart. Heart beats for You. Blood is Life. Keep it Rich & Flowing. HYPERTENSION Ensure – Ample water, Refreshing sleep, Positive mindset, Laughter Avoid – Salt, Sugar, Stress,

Pancreatic Care- Nature Cure for Healthy Glucose Levels

Freedom from Diabetes is a mission for many today. It basically involves regulating what we put into our systems of mind & body. Celebrate life in all its shades. Appreciate

Respiratory Tract Health- Take Charge with Nature Cure

ASTHMA / BRONCHIAL AILMENTS Naturopathy Neutral chest pack at night Neutral half-bath with Epsom salt Friction bath, Sponge bath, Whirlpool bath Neutral Underwater massage, Jet massage Steam bath Hot fomentation

Career Journey for a Yoga Student

I started off with a Start-up with yogi partners, endeavouring to set up a Yoga Studio, which fizzled out over feasibility & viability. I got an opportunity to relieve a

Gut feeling Good- Boost your Digestion

DIGESTIVE TROUBLES According to ancient Ayurvedic Science, optimum Digestive fire is the Key to Good Health. Conversely, Poor digestion, No digestion or Excessive digestion is the Root of all Diseases

Get Going- Free up your Spine & Joints

Free up the Painful Joint & Spinal conditions of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cervical Spondylitis, Sciatica, Slipped Disc, & Lumbar Spondylosis with the Practices enumerated below: ARTHRITIS RHEUMATOID Naturopathy Hot & cold

Story of own Self. Journey of a Soul. Invoking the Spirit within!

Welcome, Home !

We are now entering upon the greatest teaching accessible to man. The riddle about the universe is about me & I am learning the secret of existence. I learn that man is the master of his own life, that man is the master of his own destiny. I am rejuvenated, regenerated, revitalized, revivified & resurrected. I am renewed. And that is BrahmaVidya.

The range of this site, this station, is to dive into the magnificent ocean of the Self, to be amazed at its awesomeness.

We ponder, reflect, contemplate, as we engage our mental faculty to take us onto a ride of discoveries, springing newer thought process at every step. The boundless Thinking mind: I Think therefore I am.

We develop an understanding, of the concepts, of the workings, of our Selves. As within, so without. As the sages of the yore and the scientists of today help us see. The established Theory: of Definitions & Concepts.

We work with an Integrated approach for the Yogic management of our Selves. As it encompasses myriad networking & systems of our form & function. Treat with Therapy: the Tell me How’s.

The fare takes on the colours just as I did along my journey; enriching & refining me, as it tutored & mentored me, cultured & nurtured me. I lay bare the lessons I learned & the projects I embarked upon at That’s me section-

My Workshop on Yogic Management, My Internship with Naturopathy Institute, My Dissertation topic on Soldiers, My PPT on Tech-Savvy Yogies, My Research subject on Gayatri Mantra, My Project on Music Therapy, My Role in Aurobindo play, My Kumbh Chronicles.

All of my expositions, taking the form of variegated blogs, be it on myself or my musings, my lessons or my classes; every bit is infused with the unmistakable play of the Divine Hand; in orchestrating of the engagements & strategizing of the interactions; that sculpted my Being & wove the fabric of my Existence.

Any proposition or development is undoubtedly attributable to the Divine Will; and there’s the common thread, just as it is attuned to the individual will; Jivatma with the Paramatma. That’s the basic idea; that of the Atma, the essence; upheld as it is traversing.


7 am to 8 am for Yogic Practice & Yogic Sleep for Rejuvenation

7 pm to 8 pm Yogic Concepts & Yogic Management of Lifestyle Disorders