Whatever the Creator is, I am.

The Creator is right here, right in the heart of me, right in the being of me, right in the mind of me, right in the substance of me, making itself known.

Reveal thyself, O Lord of my life, O Lord of the Eternal, that which I live, move & have my being, come, I wait, I listen, I am still, I look within me, I will to see the Creator at work, come.

I am youth, glorious, radiant, vibrant, vivacious youth, daring, achieving, conquering, fearless youth, full of strength, courage, power.

I sing the song of conquest, new cells are being made for me, I am being renewed. I am free from the ravages of time, I am free from all negation of the mind.

I am glad, I rejoice, I am free, free, young, young, forevermore. Thrillingly happy, giving thanks, I take a little breath & a long, deep, sweeping, sweeping sigh.

The Creative Spirit did not create disease, senility, old age, decay or death. These are superimposed by the mind of man. I refuse to accept them. They have no power over me. I am free, free, free.

The Creator is within me, looking out at the Universe through my eyes; the Creator is within me, listening to the sounds of the Universe through my ears; the Creator is within me issuing sounds of the Universe through my throat; the Creator is within me doing work of the Universe through my hands; the Creator is within me expressing itself through me.

You are the substance in all my thinking, You are the substance in all my feeling, you are the substance in all my imagination, you are the substance my breathing.

I am the Creative Spirit embodied. I am of the Whole. I am imperishable. I am indivisible. I am exhaustless. I am self-existent. I am all-pervading. The Creative Spirit is all that there is. Therefore, I am the Creator.

Has not the Universe existed for hundreds of thousands of years? Some say many millions. The Truth is there never was a time when it was not.. there never will be a time when it will not be.. Since the Universe has always existed, why should I think that I will ever cease to be? Since I am the Creative Spirit, how is it possible that I am subject to Death?

I am Life.. I live because I want to live. I am no longer as a sheep, one of the flock. I am an individual.. resolved to defy the flock. The tradition of the flock has nothing in common with me.. I am free.. free.. free. I am Life Eternal.

I am of That which is Infinite.. Unlimited or Boundless. in Time and Space.. without limit in Power, Capacity, Intensity or Excellence, Perfect, Immeasurable, Illimitable, Interminable, Limitless, Unbounded. I am of That which is Eternal.. without beginning or end of existence.. always existing.. Underived and Indestructible.. Everlasting, Endless, Ceaseless, Perpetual. I am of the Great Causeless Cause.