My meditational affirmations. My creative visualizations.

Aham Brahma Asmi : So Hum

I am Radiant; in That : I am Radiating; to All.

I breathe in That : I breathe out That

All That; Only That : All for me; me for All

I am; I can : I am able; I am capable

I know; I see : I be; I do

I am Light, Life, Love, Joy : I am Pure, Perfect, Potent, Power

I am delight; I am cheer : I am in gay abandon; full of mirth

I am the ocean of abundance : I am a magnet of attraction

I am a fountain of fortune : I am the charm of karma

I animate; I create : I rejoice; I revel

I sing; I dance : I present; I perform

I deliver; I conduct : I impact; I influence

I enchant; I enthrall : I enthuse; I infuse

I am sparkling & sprightly : I hop, skip, jump & spring

I am solid, sturdy, strong, stamina, free, flexible, fit, fine, trim, toned, light, lithe

I am lively, lovely, rosy, softy, bounty, beauty, sunny, bonny, pleasure, treasure, right, bright, yogini body, devi form

I melt, I metabolize; I shed, I shape : I dissolve, I sublimate

I flow in abundance : I glow in the radiance

I am painless, ageless, timeless, health, strength, wealth

I am at peace, at ease, calm, serene, at rest, relaxed, in order, in harmony

I am blessed, protected, guided, directed, regulated rightfully, free from all aggravation

I allow, approve, accept, appreciate, digest, assimilate, process, absorb, release, realize, relate, reflect the ultimate, the infinite

I spread, share the word, the light, the mission, the vision, wit & wisdom, feel-good, spirit to spirit, soul to soul

I sing soulfully, I dance merrily, I laugh heartily

I engage, I earn, money, market, matter, material, man, machine, movement, momentum, funds, finance, investment, returns, venture, enterprise

I connect, express, interact, compose, format, design, craft, simply, smoothly, lovingly, joyously, easily, enthusiastically, fully, freely, completely, clearly

I am an angel, an apsara; I am a fairy, a witch; with a magic wand, sprinkling magic dust

I am healed, whole, complete; free, balanced, attuned

I am provided, I am a provider

I am regenerated, rejuvenated, resurrected, revitalized, revivified, invigorated

I am blaze; I am brilliance : I am sound; I am silence : I am in gratitude; I am in reverence

I dwell in the royal abode of That : I delve into Veda, Tatwa, Sabda, Geeta

I am at-one-ment with the elements, nature & universe, law & rhythm, time & space, hot & cold, mind & body, to eat, sleep, happen, provide, work out, sort out

I grasp, embrace, give, receive, draw, shower, amass, emanate, transcend, reach out, groom, bloom, grow out, grow beyond, grow towards, grow into, keep up, keep on

I offer to the beyond, to the world, to the Universe; as a training ground, to flourish, to fulfill ; set up, set off,

I ascend, exalt, elevate, escalate, resonate, transcend, transmute, deal, heal

I invoke, I evoke, Siva-Sakti, Purusa-Prakriti, Hiranygarbha-Brahmanda, the primal-the primeval, the consciousness-the force

I am Godliness, Goddess empowered, Guru-driven, in Grace & Glory & Guidance of the Lord

O Almighty, take me, make me, work me, live me, be with me, keep me with you, reign, ride, rule over, take up, take on, take over, pick me, place me, fit me, fix me, pluck me, plug me, what I am meant for, made for, right step, right word,

Help me help, whoever, whatever, whenever, wherever, however, as much, as best; thumbs up for thumbs down

Thou who art, I am; all truth : who art dearer than life; by coming into contact with whom, I am free

Thou who art life & support of the universe, all pervading, all comprehending, all sustaining, directing & controlling, cause of the universe.