During my mastership, I had this onerous task of coming up with a worthy topic, to work my newly found knowledge, out in the world, where I can match the demand with the supply. As my mind tends to, it went on a trip to the beyond, seeing myself addressing issues of those at the far end of the globe, posted at remote locations, enduring extreme conditions, their systems braving it out by reformatting, & coexisting therein. This bright idea also encompassed those out in space!

By the by, I zeroed in on attending to the soldiers serving at various settings, which will have respective environmental conditioning, which need remedying & enhancing, for their optimum functioning. After quite some deliberation, I came upon the topic for my dissertation as, “Yoga combats Combat-stress”

That then led me to the interesting exercise of applying the research methodology process, to go out into the field, even simulating to gather data, extrapolating the results, scheming out the entire program in all its range, & finally undergoing the arduous procedure of creating & presenting my paper!

This paper, I also got an opportunity to present at a yoga seminar; where I proudly intended to showcase it; however, I fell short of my own expectations. For one thing, it got scheduled at the fag end of the first half, when I got carried away by having to hurry it, as the jitters took over. At the more restful second half, a fellow mate presented her expertise of ayurvedic cooking, quite grandly at that, by laying out all the paraphernalia, & finishing it off with savouries to sample at the end, which undoubtedly fell in favour, as also bagged the prize.

Well, with all the efforts & shades involved, I sure have fond memories of this fascinating exercise, the entire spectrum of which I could present on this forum too, for all to savour.