I feel the need to reboot my system. Thanks to my conscious endeavours to treat myself to a range of nutritive & eliminative items, my digestion and metabolism seemed to be at the peak, so also my strength and energy, owing to optimum body building and body repairing going on, out of all the home-cooked fresh foods lovingly made and had with family. It comes about, however, that my system is much too overwhelmed with the supply of nutrients and unable to process it enough and probably storing it away for later use.

I find myself flexible enough at any state and enjoy keeping myself light and lithe, trim and toned, however much my folks love me to be more rolly polly than lean. This time around I also got the opportunity to keep up with the spate of activities I am fond of through the day to work myself at varying levels. Then again, I feel the need to reboot my system.

The day before, I have a platter full of fruits, dry fruits, nuts and seeds and steamed sweet potato at the start of the day and vegetable soup at the end, along with the two meals for the day.

Following day I afford myself an early start with a yogic cleansing routine, involving rapidly consuming two bottles full of salted lukewarm water, accompanied by the recommended series of asanas. This leads to a spontaneous wash of the upper GIT and the colon. I follow it up with a nasal wash, completing the entire top to bottom rejuvenating program. Then I rest in vipareeta karani mudra for a while, taking in the experience of the activation.

I keep myself on lemon water, spice-infused water, and herbal tea throughout the day. As I worked along, I treat myself to frequency music, inducing cellular activity within. Late afternoon I take up a session of naturopathic wet sheet wrap, in order to activate the insides, along with yoga nidra, for enhancing the rest and recoup at all levels. In the evening, some surya namaskar and a walk amidst nature prove to be stimulating. The nightly routine of oiling the orifices and feet soles and drifting off to healing chants with reiki rounds off the first day.

Early the next morning after my perfunctory prayers and affirmations, I reach for the terrace, gathering my requisites. I treat myself to oil-pulling which serves as a detoxifying mouth wash, an eyewash using a herbal rosewater concoction, and a sunbath after body oil massage. I follow it with an enriched soil scrub and a hot and cold shower. I take up my spiritual breathing practices thereafter.

Then I make myself two bottles of water, one with trifala churna and the other with neem powder, for aiding the liver in its processes. I place them in the sun to take in the beneficial effects of the rays and colours as it steeped. Meanwhile, I consume a tablespoon or two of ghee along with warm water, to further intensify the fat metabolic state which has already set in.

Later in the day, I keep up with the wet sheet pack treatment, yoga nidra, surya namaskar and evening walk in order to keep it all stimulated. I consume spoonful or two of honey with warm water with added cinnamon and pepper to keep my system activated through the night. Before sleep, I take up a foot soak for drawing out any remnants.

For the next day, I intend to keep myself on buttermilk and isabgol, to treat my insides with bulk and bacteria. Overtime my daytime meal is to consist of khichadi and veggies, and an evening meal of smoothies or a protein shake.

Thus I give a refreshing break and brake to my system and it takes on an interesting turn of discoveries of developments within me.