To continue with the Maharaj & my horoscope.

Back at the spiritual fair, the Maharaj, just like the other seers, was sanguine, that the times for me are such, whatever I take up, is sure to take me a long way. The readings identified the doshas of the planetary positions in my astrological chart, that need to be remedied. Somehow the current developments of shock value; where I embark onto promising ventures, at awesome venues & encounter great personalities, but majorly falling out; get attributed to some resisting agent, which needs to be countered with a pooja. In addition, just as my chapter in the field of yoga unfolds, my home & family scene takes off on an unexpected note.

Incidentally, he happens to visit Pune, my hometown, where I excitedly host him, along with an accomplice sadhu, both in ochre robes gracing my home. This comes at a time when, after an investment of good 3 years, I sit at home, bereft of any engagement or associations to benefit from. It is being seen as- no earnings worth it, no good. There I choose to differ. What I gained along the journey is incomparable & invaluable. It has all been in absolute accordance with what I set off for, not what my well-wishers would like to see though. The Maharaj declared he has got to put in an investment of his own efforts of high-level poojas, to enable the benefits of my favourable stars to take effect. Or else all my time will go by, battling it out, he alerted. I am made to feel hearty that all my associations to date have got me to this stage of recognizing the need for this intervention. He brought out the need for a Guru & a Guru-mantra to sail smooth. There could be a gupt-vidya coming my way, I am assured.

Now, this set me thinking. At every morning practice, some odd revelations dawn into my mental space, which I make a note of forthwith, & which helps me see my status in newer perspectives. Seemingly disturbing & discouraging, but actually strengthening & raring. From the looks of it, the efforts of the Maharaj is proving to be quintessential for my journey to take on. This effectively negates any & all of my efforts & investments, beliefs & developments all through, with masters & mantras, emerging out of sadhana & swadhyaya. The bright & wonder eyed me, the niceness & goodness of the well-meaning & dedicated endeavours of my past, for self & near & dear ones, all get damned. The present high, of indulgences & grace, of being open & receptive, owing to higher understanding & attunement, is ruled out to be faulty & hence ineffective. The greatness that looks me in the future, to be at my giving & radiating best, of that element that rules all, for the benefit of all, is doomed as a mirage. Where does that leave me.

Another day of reckoning tells me how I am the pampered child of God. Whatever I have ever conjured up, desired or set my mind upon with even a fleeting hint, it is graciously honoured & obliged right away. It does not matter how inconceivable the idea, whether it be a mere material object, a dream to fulfill, even clouds & rain on my birthday. Now I am inclined to consider it, as if it is presented to me like a playtoy, to make me feel happy & grateful enough. Only to be whisked away, right at the heights of it, when I have actually found myself & my life as so fulfilled, that I have had no prayer left unanswered whatsoever. This happens repeatedly, rapidly, radically for over 2 years now. I am only meant to shake it off, one by one, move on, and with a heavy heart continue breathing, breathing-in that element, which is to sustain me & my mission.

An astrologer they say, does not dare to or need not care to prophecize for one who takes charge of own life. Yoga is taking charge of own life. As long as yoga is my religion, I am safe. I can breathe easy, I breathe in more of life, I breathe in Godliness, the Creative Spirit. In effect I can choose to firmly believe as well as know, all the developments including the Tantrik Astrologer, to be working towards the refinement of my organism at large.

Be positive, be patient, is the message.