I had a gainful stint with the Institute of Yogic Sciences & Naturopathy in Pune, which gave me a clear exposure to the practical workings, of exactly the interests in my field of mastery.

Pune has got a historical center on Naturopathy at Uruli Kanchan, as also the National Institute of Naturopathy, set up by the Father of Naturopathy, Mahatma Gandhi. My mentor for the internship, Dr. Arya, has been serving with the ancient naturopathy center, before branching off to practice within the city of Pune.

I also got a second tryst with him, where I was entrusted with the role of the co-creator of his ashram at beautiful hilly environs, which gave me an insight into the workings of the entire system of one such establishment.

There I found a perfect blend of nature cure, cleansing practices, therapies, medical yoga, diet & nutrition, Reiki & other healing services, rounded off with a satsang, involving pooja & gaan, gyan & dhyan.

I must say I have been beautifully guided, into moulding & grooming lessons, step by step, perfectly, with respect to every aspect that matters in this field. As I ventured into the world, to come of service, with the Universe as the training ground, I have been presented with marvelous platforms & encounters, enriching in the most exhaustive manner, signifying how grace & glory is at work.

As for my practical lessons, I shall share my developmental stages, for all to benefit.