Because I too have a story to tell…

Q What was your life like before starting yoga?

Q What is the most beneficial piece of yoga, to you?

Q How did yoga become crucial in your own healing journey?

Q How has your experiences & interests in other fields impacted your teaching & personal practice?

Q How long were you practicing yoga before deciding to do training?

Q How & Why did you choose to do your Mastership in Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences?

Q What are your biggest takeaways from yoga teacher training?

Q At a social event, how would you respond to what do you do?

Q What advice can you offer new instructors?

Q How does your typical day look like? Any positive routines?

Q What mindfulness practices do you do?

Q How do you find balance amidst your schedule?

Q What does living Reiki & Yoga mean to you?

Q Tell us more about Integrated Yogic Therapy.

Q How do you market yourself? What strategies have helped you?

Q What has helped you build a social media following?

Q How do you support your lifestyle?

Q What was your first teaching gig like?

Q Where is your home base & ideally how much time would you spend there vs travelling?

Q If you had to choose one place in the world to live and practice to teach yoga, where would it be?

Q When did your wanderlust begin & what is it that keeps you travelling?

Q What’s next on your yoga travel destination list?

Q What is your vision for your life as a yoga instructor?

Q Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Q On a scale of 1-10, how weird are you?

Q What are you most curious about learning aside from yoga?

Q Tell us about a time you were fearful & how you overcame it?

Q What are you most grateful for to date?


Now if you permit me…

Who is this: Papiya (named after Hawk Cuckoo, a summer bird with a characteristic call, also known as Brainfever!)

You might want to treat yourself to…

Location/Hometown: Pune, India

Specialty: Lifestyle Medicine

Zodiac sign: Pisces (should tell a great deal)

Myers Brigg Personality Type – INFJ-T (now that should tell a lot more!)

Introduction: Greetings to each Distinguished Member! Mine is a happening life, full of rock & roll.

I started off with career-making in Chartered Accountancy.

I got into the prized yet challenging role of being the Force behind the Forces as a Military Wife.

Today being at one with the Elements, the Energies & Forces, I coach & train into Auditing own Existence!

I have been a Reiki practitioner & Healer for over 20 years now.

I initiate & attune to Reiki for whoever is inclined to adopt Energy Healing & Empowerment with Universal Life Force Energy

I have indulged in Self-practice & enjoyed the benefits all along.

I have conducted workshops on Yogic Sciences & Self Management, where I introduced Yogic Concepts & Integrated Therapeutic Techniques at various forums.

I got exposure to raise and run Institutes and Ashrams.

I have had a Spiritual sojourn of sorts over two years, getting the opportunity to put up with Saints & Yogis in exclusive settings.

Intending to share my acquisitions with all, I have compiled all my Teachings & Learnings at my Blogsite.

Today I am looking to offer myself to those who are keen to empower themselves, allowing Reiki as a modality to tap into the Higher Source, or for a daily refreshing journey of Inner Exploration aligning with Nature & Yoga

My product is a Yogic & Tantric Experience, that I enjoy.


One fine day, I got around to sharing my journey @ …

My SIP (My Skill, My Pride & My Identity)

You will be defined not just by what you achieve, but by how you survive.

Your chance to get featured on our website & social handles and share your story to inspire others around the world.

Tell us about your business journey!

I am Papiya D Yogini, a Healer at heart. I have practised and enjoyed the benefits & experiences for good many years. There came a time when I felt this inner calling to reach out to people. I found I need to educate myself to be able to deal with cases. 

As a BrahmaVidya Sadhak I was obligated to Spread the Light, but clueless because it is difficult to find committed seekers. As a Reiki Master, I should be conducting classes, then again I was faced with people wanting it but not honouring it. As I attained Mastership in Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences, a great deal unfolded for me to gain field experience, but found it difficult to strike a deal for want of negotiation skills. 

After a roller coaster ride, the digital journey opened up & took off. Which has proven to be so apt & timely that today it all seems to be perfectly schemed & divinely attuned! Every step has been a step-up of sorts! Can only marvel as I look back! Even as there is so much before me today, I am looking to be exploring away towards building my own tribe & empire!

Now here comes the twist in the story. At one point my military husband pushed me towards my destiny, just as my kids were at the age of giving their board exams. That was supreme level of sacrifice & vision. 

As I advanced, daring to take on the uncharted, leaping into unknown, newer chapters ahead unravelled. With so much before me, it also got trickier for me, to find that all that was behind me, somehow became more & more difficult along the way. 

What motivated you to become a Skillpreneur?

I started off with chronicling my learnings and teachings at my blogsite. Turns out I need to have a unique product and a targetted audience. And just the right directives fell into my lap. That was when I did not have any money or any one to fall back on. Yet things worked out “wonder”fully! Got into a global community, pursued a course on how to create a course, learnt the tricks of the trade from the field experts. It all fell into place towards turning me into a skill-preneur!

How did you know when you had the right idea?

So during my Mastership at the University, there was this topic for my presentation I came up with instinctively & intuitively- Tech Savvy Yoga. I researched on that to learn more in the field, for which most fellow students typically chose to just do away with, without much ado. 

Down the line, as & when I followed an online course to create my own product, I found that same concept simply got more & more crystallized, as my niche and micro niche, and got translated into my tripwire, core product and premium ticket!

What is your favorite aspect of being a Skillpreneur?

Building! Growing! Developing! Multiplying! Compounding! Exponential Growth! 

Be the Creator, as against the Consumer. 

Offering 3 Secrets of Solution to Pain Points.

Goal setting, towards a Mission!

Share any interesting experience after becoming a Skillpreneur.

Crazy Learning of newer concepts-

Online Coaching, Micro Learning, Info products, Knowledge Givers, Transformational Coach, Personal Development Space, Lifestyle Medicine, Positioning and Designation, Logo, Cover & Thumbnail Designing, Learning Management System, Dashboard, Make Money Online, GST Registration, Current Account, Systems Set-up, Plug-ins, Content Creation, Digital Assets, Social Proof & Testimonials, Social Media Marketing, Leverage & Traction, Landing/Opt-in/Check-out/Thank-you Page, Customer Avatar, Follow-up, Show-up/Sign-up Rates, Payment Gateways, Copywriting, Trending Topics, Search Engine Optimization, Templates, Links & Embeds, Blogging, Recording & Editing Videos, Hardware & Sotware Tools, Presentations, Animations & Graphics, Podcasting, Go-live, Conducting Webinars, Campaigning, Email List, Traffic Generation, Organic Traffic, Ad Spends, Lead Magnet, Sales Funnels & Conversion, Click Tracking, Chatbot, Mindmap, Survey/Poll, Insights & Analytics, Integration & Automation, Upsell & Upscale, Profit Maximiser, Influence Building,  Private Group Hub, Nurturing Tribe, Accountability Partner, Storyfying, Gamefying, Value Addition, Bundle Stack, MSI, Wealth Management, CPL CPA, Business page, eBook, Call 2 Action, Game Plan, Affiliates & Referrals, Digital Ecosystem, Community Support, Online Presence, Visibility-Credibility-Profitability.

What makes your business unique?

Banish TechnoStress with Yogic Lifestyle Model

3 Steps to Yogic Empowerment-

Yogic Know-how, Yogic Do-how, Yogic Be-how

Yogic Education, Yogic Execution, Yogic Expertise

Yogic Mentoring, Yogic Management, Yogic Mastery

What drives you to keep going when it’s really Tough?

My Mission, My Vision, My Passion

What are some of the mistakes you wished you could’ve avoided?

Of thinking I am not enough.

What mantra do you live by?

I have it in me. 

How do you achieve work-life balance?

I work my Life, my Life works me.

What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting their own business?

Follow your Bliss

Do what the Successful do

Your Business tagline? 

My Mission is to turn Millions of Techies out there into Yogies

What Health & Lifestyle Skills do you want to Master for a Game Changing Decade ahead? 

Come, Revive Your Life with Insta Rejuvenators

What service(s) or product(s) do you offer/manufacture?

I help Techies to drive away TechnoStress at a 5 day Banish TechnoStress Workshop 

I offer Professionals grinding Tech Lifestyle to come unstuck with Yogic Lifestyle

Kickstart your Performance right there in your chair with 30 day TechSavvy Yoga Challenge


Whether Work at Cubicle or Work from Home,

Beat Stress, Build Immunity, Bring about Work-Life Balance

with Quick-Fixes based on Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences


Be a Warrior with Self Management Techniques, 

Strategize with Yogic Management of Lifestyle Disorders,

Embrace Integrative Approach of Yogic Therapies based on PanchaKosha.

Please briefly tell us about your yoga teaching resources

Yogic Lifestyle Model  – YLM is a 3 level course based on a winning digital formula for online education.

It is a graded program of strategically crafted curriculum at an exclusive e-learning platform / LMS.

YLM at Papiyaz Hub

consists of Yogic Know-how, Yogic Do-how, Yogic Be-how

on the lines of Yogic Education, Yogic Execution, Yogic Expertise.

The 3 Steps to Yogic Empowerment being

Yogic Mentoring, Yogic Management, & Yogic Mastery

based on Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences.


To this there is a preframing stage of Banish TechnoStress Workshop, which is designed as a Gamefyed 5Day Orientation.

Dishing out 5 10-minute Boosters, to do away with 5 Niggling Health Issues, with 5 Awareness Concepts to Take Charge of own Well-Being.

Along with a Free eBook “Nature Care & Cure” charting out the GamePlan

to Beat Stress, Build Immunity, Bring about Work-Life Balance, Be a Warrior, Be the Creator of own Existence


This is followed by the next stage, that of booking a 121 Counsel Session @ a Talk-to-Me Chair

With access to TechYogHub, a portal where Techie Tribe Commune, to put up selfie & painpoint, and eventually bond and share Inspirational Success Stories.

Plus there is a Free 30Day TechSavvy Yoga Challenge to “Get Fit where you Sit”, designed for the hard-pressed professionals today.


I personally conduct the 5 day orientation workshop with potential target audience 

To wish away all the strain 

And to showcase the gains 

At the 5 entry level gateways 

And get it started as per individual inclination.


Thereon I serve as the bridge and let in the yogis in search of a structured platform to provide their specialized services with own unique flavour across, to the wanting market.

The YYF Yogi Yogini Force or Yogically Yours Force take on at the 121 stage, to build up own tribe


Thereafter the yogi and participant engage strategically to get the YLM rolling

First at the (Tripwire) Conceptual Level with 1plus5 bonuses

Then at the (Core) Implementation Level with 1plus5 value adds

With total Community Support at Inner Circle Calls.


At the Premium Level, I take over the Advanced Mentoring & Training, towards Yogic Explorations and Experiences, based on Spiritual Texts & Higher Sciences, conducting Premium Circle Calls, serving as a point of Communion for all Yogis and respective Tribes.

That forms the entire Digital EcoSystem of Papiyaz Hub


I have an internet marketing strategy going for this in varied formats, that of videos, podcasts, blog articles, go-live, storytelling, even automated or live webinars as & when numbers justify.

My social media accounts, handles and channels go by my brand, Yogically Yours, Papiya D Yogini.


My motto is to

Invoke the Self, Soul, Spirit, and

Explore the Inner, Deeper, & Higher.

Discover a New You

Dive in @


Seek & ye shall find!


My Beloved Yogi Fellow Teri put me the following questions-


  • How did you get started in yoga education?

PE in School & College, Yoga Camp by Vivekananda Kendra, Mastership in Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences


  • What are some of your favorite products in your store? (Share screen) Product use, reviews, cost


Banish TechnoStress Workshop @ 99 rupees with Free e-book on Nature Care & Cure

to explore & indulge in Insta Rejuvenators of 5 minute magic of 5 Fixercises to tackle 5 niggling work strain issues

to Beat Stress, Build Immunity, Bring about Work-Life Balance


30 Day TechSavvy Yoga Challenge @ 999 rupees with Free 121 Talk to Me Session

for those enduring the Tech Lifestyle, with Get Fit where you Sit Strategies

mapping out a Techie Tribe Trail at the exclusive Tech Yog Hub


Yogic Lifestyle Model for the Yoga Warriors with-

Yogic Know-How @ 6999 rupees, for Yogic Mentoring to Encode Inner Engineering

Yogic Do-How @ 9999 rupees, Yogic Management of Lifestyle Disorders

Yogic Be-How @ 69999 rupees, Yogic Mastery over Elements & Energies


  • What advice do you give to yogapreneurs?

Join Papiyaz Hub as Yogi Yogini Force

to Reach out to those stuck in Tech Lifestyle

to Empower & Enrich with Yogic Lifestyle


  • If you were to step into my shoes, what should I be asking you?

What is your Vision? –

A self-sustaining 5 level Graded Digital EcoSystem of Yogies & Techies

To turn Millions of Techies out there into Yogies


  • How can we contact you online?

I am a click away @ links as you explore


  • What does living a balanced yoga life look like to you right now?

Revive Your Life, Take Charge of Your Well-Being, Be the Creator of a Fulfilled Existence