I am the center of the Universe. I am a magnet. It is my story. Everything & everybody that makes up my life scenery is there to make me, complete me, enrich me. All of the constituents in my world are meant for me, suited for my requirements. They are placed to form me into the New-me. Various offers & eventualities are the gates for me to avail of, which then takes me onto the next dimension. Therein the entire setting is realigned in accordance with my vision & my mission. This is taking place at every step, at every instance. A constant game of strategy in my name. At no point in time am I the same.

Deep within I sense, how it is all being charted & scripted so very intently by the Higher Intelligence. How I seem always to be at the most idyllic setting, meticulously designed step by step. However much of mayhem it may seem, for any onlooker or even for those traversing it with me, it all just feels so right, so marvelous. And that is why, when I am made to see & believe otherwise, it makes me strike it down. I am contented & elated to function at a point of “All for me, Me for all”.

Akin to a game of cards- wherein the cards dealt are unique for each one, decided by fate, but the player thereafter decides the course of the game. Or just how an intellectual game of chess is played with smart moves, with foresight, subject however to upcoming moves. There is the role of free-will & the intellect, given the setting; where every bit chips in to rejig the set-up, making it that much more flavourful, in accordance with the greater scheme of things, with a higher agenda.

At every instance, my life-scape on the screen of the Universe is a fresh canvas, to make newer strokes, & reformat it. It may so seem at every step, that the old me is resisting. The heavier & darker, lower & older shades are showing through, requiring repeated intensive strokes; persistent & zealous efforts at keeping up with what I would like to see, more & more of it till I find I have turned myself into a different-me than I have been, in totally another world, creating new history every time.

As I work it, it works me. And this is exactly my occupation, my obsession, at my creation, given the elements & the force to work it – Conjuring a Papiya tale!