Strike a Million; Thousands of Thousands of Yogis

Monetize at Four Nine-Nine Seven; A Five Thousand at a Time

Be Electric; Be Magnetic

Be the Ocean; the Fountain

To Engage; To Earn

To Flourish; To Fulfill

To Apply; To Attract

To Enthral; To Enthuse

To Perform & Compound

To Spread Cheer & Delight

To Hone Networking & Marketing Skills

To Draw Tribe & Traffic

To Honour the Promise within

Help to Help; Light to Light

To Align; To Attune

Empower Self; Empower All

To Ride the Infinite & Boundless

To Revel in Lush & the Plush

To Wield the Tattwas

To be at One with the Veda & Shabda

To Transcend & Transmute

To Enjoy & Radiate my Being, my Presence, my Touch, my Word

Be the GrandMaster, in Reiki

Be the Brahmaleen, the Eternal Yogini

That’s the Fire

That is what I Aspire

I Believe; I Achieve

I Breathe In That; I Breathe Out That

I Love That; I Live That

I Am That; Aham Brahma Asmi