I thoroughly invested & enjoyed myself coming up with the creations & contributions for my submissions during PG.

My PPT on : Tech-Savvy Yogis – Even at a time when I knew & practiced yoga more on the physical lines, it struck me to explore the point where technology meets yoga, & that set me onto a revelation of sorts. I came across customized tablets, intelligent mats, interactive consoles & sensors, doing the rounds in the market, in order to promote yoga.

My composition on the Research Methodology topic : Gayatri Mantra – I learnt the mathematics of this mantra, how the sacred sound of the Universe ‘Om’, made up of 3 syllables A-U-M, is expanded into its multiples, till it arrives at a 24 syllable mantra of Gayatri Mantra, with equal vibes & power, known as the mother of all mantras, a prayer that is chanted in praise of the Sun God, who happens to be the physical expression of Devi Gayatri, bestowing the power of intellect.

My Project submission on : Whether & How Music Therapy helps – This exercise turned out to be fun, in gathering pictorial representation of the effects of music, on the brain, on the nerves, on the children’s minds, on the bodily cells, to be able to arrive at what I understand, works at the vibratory level, when played in congruence with the condition to treat.

My role-play on a Yogic Thinker : Aurobindo – This presentation has been the most exciting & lively, where we participants in the group gather matter based on the life & teachings of Sri Aurobindo, a substantive aspect delegated to each one, such that it can be totally absorbed into, & delivered to the audience with equal fervour, even as we dressed up in the costumes of the time & place. It was quite enlightening to know of the science behind the concept of the supermind, as one of our counterparts gave a visual presentation based on that. I got to expound on the divine words & inspirational sayings of the great personality, as the revolutionary turned yogi propounded.