So what does a day in the life of a Yogini look like?

As my senses come to, I chant the prayer of empowerment, reinstate my affirmations, sneak a peek at the window to catch the status of daylight, take a look at the timepiece, marveling at how the Higher Intelligence stirs me awake at exactly the same clock hand positions, as it has decided for me in the given circumstances. Revel in the bird calls & chirps announcing the arrival of a new day.

I treat my chakras to some Reiki or twisting kriyas before getting off the bed.

I then take a refreshing glass of warm water with lemon & honey, or some herbal tea I have left soaking overnight (mint, cucumber, ginger, garlic, lemon, coriander; jeera, dhania, methi, saunf, ajwain, kalonji, rai) or plain water as ushapaan.

Then comes the most favourite of sessions, my BrahmaVidya sadhana, of spiritual breathing exercises & chanting of meditational affirmations, for regulating the physical-form & thought-pattern respectively.

I make sure to take in some soaked nuts, seeds & dry-fruits to kick start the system with a shot of concentrated nutrients & minerals. Maybe a rich vegetable juice instead, red, green, orange and oh so colourful.

I might treat myself first thing to the potent saliva, (ardent yogis also practice amroli), the morning sun and breeze, some eye exercises, grass rolling, tree-hugging, chewing on herbal leaves, some cleansing kriyas, like neti, kunjal, LSP, jivha dhauti, oil pulling, ghritanasya, netrabasti, mud bath, a rejuvenating herbal oil (coconut oil+amla+curry leaves+methi dana+hibiscus / mustard oil+coffee+black sesame+onion seeds+walnut shell) massage to the scalp & nabhi chikitsa.

Thereafter comes what I enjoy indulging myself with, abhyanga, body oil massage, along with acupressure effects, followed by thermal shower treatment to my nerves & muscles,

a herbal snanachurnam / ubtan mix / ganga clay / scrub treatment (multani mitti+chandan+khus+neem+turmeric+ginger+amla+citrus peel+badam+nutmeg+rose water / rock salt+vitamin e oil+lavender bath cream / oatmeal+brown sugar+coffee+milk powder+baking soda+vanilla+honey+coconut oil),

or body butter, a herbal hair cleanser, a cool hip bath, all to promote the eliminative processes, finishing with an invigorating chilled shower.

Application of mineral rich bhasma could serve as the optimum touch, to benefit, as the sadhus do.

Then comes a platter of fruits & a mug of milk, fortified with a mix of cereals & proteins, in addition to a spoonful of chyawanprash. I keep water ready to hydrate myself through the day in a copper jug, or a see-through bottle placed over an energy circle, designed to infuse the water with intentions.

The day works its way with the tasks to take up, with the company of my journal, for good 4 hours at a stretch, after which I might go in for some mid-day practices of balancing & stimulating the system (kriyas like agnisara, kapalbhati, simhagarjana, chakra kriya, manduka, Lsp series).

A steaming hot meal comprising of a complete fare is the next blessing for the day. I then help the metabolic mechanism with a digestive mix of sorts, followed by sipping a warm ginger drink, a post-meal practice (an ab pack or belt+10 min vajrasana, foot reflexology mat+10 min tadasana)

Thereafter I resume with the activities I love, for an hour or two, like looking up my library for my topics of interest, surf & browse for some research on what’s trending. I also like to take up singing my favourites, or fiddle with my violin. Over time I could go for a full-body wet sheet pack with yoganidra, or maybe a vipareetakarani mudra with spinal breathing.

Later in the evening, I indulge in some physicals, preferably out in the open terrace, or go for a stroll (ajapa japa of hare krishna mantra steps) with family/friends. I then treat myself to multi-mix tidbits, or any small bingeing that tempts, washing it down with green tea or a strong coffee or a fruit juice, with family. The transition time of sunset might see me conducting trikal sandhya, in order to purify the environment, inside out.

I get another hour or two to myself, to watch some video, listen to some podcast or audio book, connect to the world via social media.

Dinner is simpler, a millet roti with an accompaniment. A nightly stroll with family or climbing up & down of stairs by myself post-meal becomes a nice addition. Finishing off with aiding agents like trifala in buttermilk, ghee garam masala tea or spiced up turmeric milk.

Winding up routine involves some reading, a meditation, with breathing in of affirmations, maybe some nightly routines like padabhyanga, feet soak, visuddhi activating massage & gargle, trataka on the moon, till I lull myself to sleep with a full body Reiki, accompanied by mantras & some frequency music playing in the background, & finally drifting off with my fingers locked in some mudra.

As and when I can afford it, this is how I engage my time through the whole of one day, that I get by myself.