I got an opportunity to design & conduct a Yogic Management Workshop at the Defence Services Officers Institute, Jabalpur Cantt., for the first lady, enthusiastic officers, go-getter ladies & blossoming teens.

My strategy has been to educate about ourselves, as per the vedic & scientific knowledge, to conduct a blend of yoga sequence, followed by an endeavour to deal with one personal issue a day, in accordance with the Integrated Yogic Therapy.

The participants turned out to be great contributors to the daily program, as they got more & more attuned to the spirit of the workshop, as also to their own responding & evolving beings.

Depending upon the inspiration for each day, I introduced one yogic concept, to digest & enlighten, with greater understanding of our composition & conditioning; thereafter we engaged in an active session, with thematic practices & processes, by introducing forms & actions that are akin to nature, & that are natural to humans; finishing off with addressing some common disorder, with the help of the yogic management techniques.

This schedule of theory & therapy, practice & contemplation, worked well & very fruitfully, which I shall share & post enough, to spread the light.