Diet therapy– includes nutritious foods that are freshly sourced, consumed in natural form, of seasonal variety, fortified with wholesome greens, sprouts, and grains qualifying as complex carbs. A proper combination of foods with 80% of the alkaline kind help to build the immune system.

Eliminative diets comprise of fluids and liquids in the form of juices that of lemon, citrus fruits, wheatgrass, tender coconut, and includes buttermilk, vegetable soups, etc. Fruits, salads, boiled/steamed vegetables, sprouts, vegetable chutney form a Soothing diet. There is a Constructive variety of diet made up of wholesome flour, unpolished rice, pulses, curd, and such alkaline foods that are nourishing and purify the bodily system.

Diet therapy serves as a practical application of nutrition for the preventative or corrective treatment of food-related illnesses by means of education regarding how various nutrients (protein, carbohydrate, fat, alcohol) affect a body system. It usually involves the modification of an existing dietary lifestyle to promote optimum health. Naturopaths prescribe individualized and exclusively designed diets for working women, adolescents, elderlies, pregnant and lactating women, children, sportspersons.

The general principles of diet therapy are adequacy, moderation, and balance with respect to all the food types and the essential nutrients therein. A nutrition care process involves assessment of status and diagnosis, intervention and counselling, introducing disease-fighting foods and supplements, monitoring and evaluation. This approach reduces the symptoms and risks of mental, physical and auto-immune problems.

Fasting therapy– is an important modality to remedy ailments, to be ideally taken up under the supervision of a competent Naturopath and for which mental preparedness is an essential precondition. The duration of the fast depends upon the age of the patient, the nature of the disease, and the drugs & chemicals ingested into the system. It is advisable to undertake a series of short fasts of two or three days, gradually increasing the duration of each succeeding fast by a day or so. No harm will accrue to the fasting patient provided they take rest and are under proper professional care.

Different methods of fasting could be adopted with water, fresh fruit juices, or raw vegetable juices. The safest and most effective method is lime juice. During fasting, the alkaline juices aid the body to burn up and eliminate accumulated wastes and deposits. The total liquid intake should be approximately six to eight glasses.

A precautionary measure to be observed in all cases of fasting is complete emptying of the bowels at the beginning of the fast and every alternate day, by way of enema, in order to free the system from the burden and disturbance of any decomposing matter. A lot of energy is spent during a fast in the process of eliminating accumulated toxins. It is therefore of utmost importance to ensure as much physical rest and mental relaxation as possible during the fast.

During fasting, the building of new cells is speeded up by the amino acids released from the diseased cells. The capacity of the eliminative organs i.e. lungs, liver, kidney and skin is greatly increased as they are relieved of the usual burden of digesting food and excreting the resultant waste. Elimination of uric acid and other inorganic acids will be accelerated. The body will burn those cells and tissues which are diseased, damaged, aged and dead.

Fasting thus affords a physiological rest to digestive, assimilative and protective organs. The digestion and utilization of nutrients are greatly improved after fasting. The essential tissues, vital organs, nervous system, and brain are only enhanced owing to the fasting process.

Massage therapy- is an essential part of Naturopathy treatment. The word massage comes from a Greek word massier meaning to knead. Massage involves the passive manipulation of the soft tissues, (muscles, connecting tissues, tendons, and ligaments) aiming to improve blood circulation and strengthening the functioning of the organ system. Ayurveda recommends regular self-massage with warm oils, employing a step by step process known as abhyanga. When followed by a sunbath during the winters, it is known to preserve health. The effects of exercise can be derived from massage as it keeps one in peak physical fitness and provides protection from injuries.

Massage is known to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, improve the occurrence of cell repair, rehabilitate sports injuries, aid in labour, alleviate fatigue, stress and anxiety, increase relaxation, and aid general wellness. The nerve cells on the skin feel the pressure and signal the brain to release feel-good chemicals called endorphins, which boost the mood. Touch response induces a state in which the heart and breathing rate slows down, blood pressure goes down, and the production of stress hormones decreases. Whereas a full body massage leads to total relaxation of nerves, muscles, and joints, in contrast the body actually goes into a state of full activation mode.

Different types of massages provide a variety of services ranging from meridian massage to deep tissue massage. Varied therapeutic effects can be obtained through specific techniques of massage, which involve movements like touch, stroking, friction, kneading, vibration, percussion, and joint movements. Various oils are used as lubricants like mustard oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, olive oil, aroma oils, etc. which also have therapeutic effects. Added benefits can be attained by activating the reflexology and acupressure points, and with the use of specific mediums like neem, rose, or even talcum along with electric massager, which is known as Vibro massage.

A massage therapist works the trigger points of pain by applying pressure in circular motions to break up tight muscle fibres, knots of scar tissue, lactic acid and calcium deposits in order to relieve the tension and thereby promote healing. After a massage session, it is recommended to take a rejuvenating bath, consumption of ample water and adequate rest to reduce soreness and aid in the detoxification process. One needs to allow oneself to be at peace with their own thoughts and with any mental activity or emotional upheavals that follow.

Magnet therapy– is a clinical system in which human ailments are treated & cured through the application of magnets of various sizes and strengths to the body of the patient. It is a simple, cheap, and painless approach with no side effects.

The only tool used is the magnet. Low-intensity static magnets are used as therapeutic magnets in magnetic belts available for specific body parts to be placed around the meridians. Magnetic devices such as necklace, pendant, glasses, headbands rings, bracelets, shoe inserts have thin magnets as strips or plates typically integrated within, individually or in groups, and used for treatment purposes. Therapeutic magnetic mattresses and clothing are also available to benefit from.

Also known as bio-energy therapy, the effects of the magnetic-field work on the biological system. It activates the iron content in the blood, frees the blood from the danger of clotting, increases the number of blood corpuscles, reduces the calcium and cholesterol deposits in the blood lowering the blood viscosity. It promotes secretions of hormones and other fluids, increases the production of amino acids and accelerates the metabolism and normalizes the function of the autonomic nervous system.

Magnetic fields have the potential to cause less normal tissue damage. The magnetic vibrations help oxygen and nutrients to arrive at the location of injury or damage in order to repair it as soon as possible. Magnetic treatment is increasingly being used for healing and reducing pain. It has subtle effects on vision and heart performance. Magnetic field therapy is contraindicated for users of pacemaker or insulin pump.

Acupressure, Reflexology, Colour therapy, Sujok therapy and Acupuncture are related and highly effective treatments working on the meridians. Simple art and perfect science, it brings about instantaneous & remarkable results in acute cases, or even for chronic conditions when treated regularly. It brings about shifts in the energy field, thereby correcting the imbalances, and stimulating the bodily systems.

These processes and techniques work directly and subtly, bringing about great relief and definite cure over time.