Mud is good. Mud is purifying. Mud is invigorating. Mud is a cleanser. Mud is a detoxifier. Mud is nourishing. Mud is vitalizing. Mud is cooling. Mud is healing. Mud is soothing. Mud is a blessing in nature.

The alluvial soil is rich in minerals and nutrients, having great physical and chemical properties. Clay reminds of the connect with Mother Earth and allows a sense of grounding. The black colour absorbs all the colours of the sun and transmits them to the body. Direct consumption as edible earth is deeply rooted in folk medicine. Mud pool or a river soak can work wonders.

Mud dilutes & dilates, absorbs & eliminates, moisturizes & refreshes, aids in circulation, and energizes the tissues. Mud is thus employed as a therapeutic agent in treatments, as mud packs over the eyes, face, abdomen, and whole body. Mud which is free of contamination and impurities, sourced and processed accordingly, is amply made use of. Treat yourself to Mud bath, which is very simple and effective, and has an immense impact on the health of mind and body.

We know Air to be refreshing. Breathing in of air sustains us at all. Air proves to be a gentle massager and stimulant, as the flow of air strikes at the senses and the nerves. Air bath has a soothing and tonic effect upon the millions of nerve endings all over the surface of the body. Air helps in regulating the temperature, aiding in evaporation for cooling purposes. An air wash cleanses also at aura and energy level. Thus fresh air is most essential for good health and can help with chronic disorders.

The advantage of air therapy can be achieved by means of an air bath, daily for 20 to 30 minutes, in minimal clothing, at a lonely and clean place with adequate flow of fresh air or an enclosure with the free passage of air. It is more advantageous when combined with morning cold rub and exercises.

In reaction against the chilling effect of cold air, the nerve centers which control the circulation, send the blood to the surface in large quantities, flushing the skin with warm, red arterial blood. The flow of the bloodstream is greatly accelerated and the elimination of morbid matter is correspondingly increased.

Sun serves as an essential source of energy and life. Exposure to the sun enables many chemical processes and the absorption of nutrients. Sun is known to sanitize the atmosphere, rendering the entire physical apparatus free from attacks of harmful germs and bacteria. The presence of the sun and sunlight helps the release of feel-good hormones, setting the pace for active and productive engagement and existence, bringing a sense of well-being and attainment.

Solar therapy can also be availed of by energizing bathwater, with some soaked herbal leaves and components. Neem water bath is recommended for its skin treatment properties. Rosewater can be effectively made by immersing rose petals in water and then sun it out. Herbal oils are also a product of solar therapy where base oils are infused with a concoction of herbs.

Chromotherapy also falls under solar therapy, wherein the use of colours are made to charge water in a container. It involves the healing of different diseases based on the concept of balancing colour components in a human system. The seven colours of sun rays have therapeutic healing effects on the body. The properties are absorbed in the water or oil stored in glasses or bottles coloured or wrapped appropriately and exposed to the sun for specified hours.

The judicious and correct use of sunlight can help enhance the cure of conditions within the body, as the sun rays energize the cells, quicken the circulation of blood and lymphs, and increase the elimination of impurities through the skin. Depending upon the case in consideration and corresponding specific properties of a colour, the natural elements can be beneficially used for their therapeutic effects.

Water is one of the important elements among the five basic elements. It serves as the universal and ancient method of washing off dirt. The age-old tradition of taking bath in the rivers, ponds, and waterfalls is virtually the most natural form of availing this natural resource. It is known to provide the most refreshing treatment via the pores, nerves, and senses. The natural sources also prove to be highly mineralized, which is readily absorbed into the bodily system.

Water is the prime means of hydrating the body; to enable the physiological processes, to nourish the cells with minerals and salts, to maintain the fluid content and the circulatory system, and to dissolve and remove unwanted chemicals.

Hydrotherapy is at the root of all Naturopathy treatments; its aim being to draw out and flush all toxic deposits. It preserves health, boosts the defense mechanism and cures diseases of bilious character. Different modalities are employed like colon therapy and rectal irrigation, various dips and immersions, packs and baths, fomentation and steam, friction and spray, localized or general, hot, cold or neutral. These therapeutic developments are administered depending upon diagnostic cases and inflammatory conditions.

The Akasa element allows the expansiveness of our being. It qualifies as the source of all creation.

Thus, Nature Cure is about tapping the abundant resources in nature in order to make use of its inherent healing power. The five basic elements sourced from nature known as Panchmahabhutas bring about a balance in all the elements that make up our bodies and relieve mankind of all its afflictions. The concept of health requires the body to be in normal condition and that is when all the organs of the body function in complete harmony. And this normal body functioning is the result of living in accordance with the laws of Nature.