Be Fixed on your Goal, and Flexible with your Methods.

Have a Goal. It serves as a Ticket to Destination. Along the way, the journey, the scenery, the companions, the encounters, the eventualities, the challenges, the experience, even a detour, present themselves.

What gets dealt is like cards at hand in a game. It is not fate. It is meant to play with, by smart moves and maneuvers, in order to beat opponents and come out the winner. Video games enticingly offer higher levels of challenges and bonuses and rewards. Bracing and braving, dealing and tackling, holds all the excitement and exhilaration.

At the start of a mountain climb, planning and prepping happens at the base. All the visualization and affirmations are set with the aim of ultimate accomplishment. At the midrange, there emerge challenges, to beat or create the circumstances in order to keep up and keep on. Towards the summit, the air is rarer, turning into a game of survival, giving that fleeting sense of high.

At no point is it meant to be easy. When in Class one, forming alphabets and words, conceptualizing numbers, and memorizing tables, seem an ordeal. At that stage, it is simply a matter of abiding by the instructions. Those prove to be precious times of formatting. Every subject, every teacher, holds a special role & significance. Every lesson is evaluated, leading you to graduate to the next stage.

Which should explain the importance of every step, of Guides & Masters at every step, deserving of reverence for showing the light, and pushing towards fulfillment and refinement. Trainers in sports, and art forms, instill discipline, unforgiving with target practice and merciless on faltering, urging towards excellence. The sculptor chisels away feverishly with a dream image to realize. The coal undergoes extreme pressure and perturbation to come out to be a diamond.

Every stroke of a painter on the canvas is an essential contribution. Yet till all strokes and effects are in place, the finished piece is not evident except in the mind of the Creator. In event of a tank cleaning, the long-term settled deposits need a great amount of scrubbing. Along the way, the water gets murkier, and till the point, the tank is crystal clear again, it remains a shade dirty. Till the stage of perfection is reached, it is an incessant battle with imperfections.

Each of us is an island, in this ocean of the world, with storms and calms alternating, subjected to elements and energies, clinging onto hope and beauty as anchor, to sustain the spirits. Planets and fate lines are not meant to be determinants. They are patterns and influences picked up during our births and lifetimes. They have to be worked upon with countering elements, and conscious grooming and conditioning towards the desired goal. Involves a constant endeavour to develop the right skillset, mindset, and toolset.

Many such analogies help us understand our purpose and existence, in order to make it less bothersome and more worthwhile. It’s all about learning and then teaching the ways, and celebrating the victories. It’s all about honing the favourable traits, mentoring, and being mentored. And no we are not meant to stagnate at comfort zone. The magic is in the unfolding. We are wonders and marvels of our Creator and we have got the potency to be the Creator.

March on to greater heights, endure the pain of transformation, develop a keen sense of awareness, to be able to recognize the victories therein. In all of the evident mayhem, there exists a still center, of power, of peace, on the realization that you are already there. It is all just a game. Play on.