I am free from the ravages of time. I am free from all the negations of my own mind. I am as fit and fine, hale and hearty as I make myself to be.

Best is to beautifully connect with own Self to work out how to get it going, in order to feel proud and at peace. Besides attaining basic knowledge, if at all, when it comes to studying various workings within and therefore to arrive at the perfect formula, it only leads to the mind swimming in half-baked notions.

Tons of terms & theories doing the rounds, even making their way into dictionaries and awards, not however helping make it any simple for us intending to live it out gainfully. Furthermore, concepts of ticking time and developmental stages serve to construct us in accordance, giving away hold over our own selves. It, however, need not be so. Got to wake up and take charge, to mould and structure ourselves inside out.

Mind it, any obvious thought process to the following could be misleading!

Do we rather have a slow metabolism or fast?

Complex carbs to slow the movement, or digestives to speed it up?

Eating small frequent meals is better or a meal or two at most?

Quelling hunger as & when as against building up a big appetite, which works?

Frequent visits recommended to evacuate or better to limit to once a day in the morning?

Exercise before or after food?

Walk after meals or better to rest?

Water to be consumed with foods or not?

Hot drinks help or chilled fluids?

Is lemon juice harming, and perhaps coffee in the morning more beneficial?

Is it better to treat the body with sips of warm water only throughout?

Go for one variety of food at a time or a combination?

Fruits are to be had as a snack or dessert?

Soda drinks are offered post-meal at Bengali homes!

Plaintains are served after dinner down South!

East India swears by rice for remedies, and the West prescribes rotis for the ailing!

When do refined flour biscuits and toasts serve as treatment?

How do big bites, gobbling down & wholesome gulps work?

Ever considered skipping the salivary process, especially with refined and sugary foods, to make busy the body further down, at the most of its efficiency while breaking down the morsel, with an aim to lose weight?

Conversely, it serves to chew properly on fibrous and heavy-duty foods.

When is stuffing to capacity advised?

Consider ingesting cold foods to enable slower digestion?

Vouch for milk or go vegan?

Human body not designed for meat-eating?

Meats and its products are very much prescribed in accordance with physical needs, processed meats altered in composition with age-old customs also serve specific purposes!

So-called drugs are remedial, so are drinks like rum and beer!

How does Vajrasana help in digestion yet gaining weight?

How can stores of fat prove to be beneficial?

Does fasting reduce water, muscle, or fat?

Smoothies are better for fasts than juices!

Is intermittent fasting disrupting or rebooting?

Is a shower before sleep helpful; hot or cold?

Conditions of feet swelling require soaking the feet and consuming more of water instead!

What are we doing to ourselves eating & drinking while standing?

How are Diabetics prone to low glucose conditions?

Are proteins in excess absorbed, utilized, stored or flushed out?

Do generous servings of nutrients aid or stress out the body?

How does one manage the breakdown, burning and building processes?

Do we simply trust the inner mechanism marvelously sanitizing and repairing at all times?

Do away with pain and fever or let it take its course?

Get going with symptomatic relievers or allow holistic healing approaches?

Working at natural rhythms is more beneficial or challenging and reversing the workings?

Is sleep a shutdown or activation?

Does Meditation enhance or weaken the bodily systems?

Many rounds of dynamic Surya Namaskar or slow & deliberate steps?

Rapid & dynamic functioning is in order but leads to burning out faster, slowing down helps better absorption, which way then?

Automated ways leave behind vast scope to explore more, but do we?

Nadi shodhana or Anuloma Viloma, as a mode of alternate nostril breathing?

Work on Kundalini or not?

Existence is all about darkness as in space, and the dark energies as in seed form!

Rest is all a mere play of light & fleeting forms!

Happy contemplating!