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Concept of Disease according to Yoga Upanisad

The Disharmony of PanchaKosha is Disease; the Harmony of PanchaKosha is Health.

The Physical Sheath, the Vital Sheath, the Mental Sheath, the Intellectual Sheath, and the Blissful Sheath make up the Five Koshas.

Concept of Disease according to Hatha Yoga

Ajukavyasa Yogena Sarva Roga Samudvava

Through the improper practice of Pranayama, all diseases can arise.

Concept of Disease according to Patanjali-

Avidya Asmita Raga Dvesha Abhinivesha

Avidya is the Root Cause amongst all. Ignorance leads to Limiting ourselves, owing to which Constriction & Pressurizing builds up. This long-standing Stress further leads to Psychosomatic Diseases.

Stress leads to Disease, says Geeta, (Chapter 2-Verses 62 & 63)-

When a man dwells in his Mind on the object of Sense, Attachment to them is produced. From Attachment springs Desire and from Desire comes Anger. From Anger arises Bewilderment, from Bewilderment, Loss of Memory, the Destruction of Intelligence, and from Destruction of Intelligence he Perishes.

Just as Arjuna experienced the effects of Stress-

My limbs quail, my mouth goes dry, my body shakes and my hair stands on end. Gandiva slips from my hands and my skin too is burning all over. I am not able to stand steady. My mind is reeling.

Management through Hatha Yoga-

Kuryāttada āsanaṃ Sthairyam Aroghyaṃ Chānggha-lāghavam || 19 ||

Having done Asana, one gets Steadiness of body and mind, Diseaselessness and Lightness of Body

Asanena Rujohanti; Asanena Rajohanti

Disease regresses by practice of Asana; With the practice of Asana, Laziness disappears

Pranayamena Yuktena Sarva Roga Ksayay Va

By Proper Practice of Pranayama all Diseases are Eradicated

Dhoutikarma Pravavena Prayantyiva Na Sansayah

20 types of Diseases caused by Excess Mucus are destroyed through the effect of Dhauti Karma

Concept of Health according to Bhagavad Geeta

Yuktahara ….. Yoga Bhavati Dukha Ha

The Right Lifestyle can be achieved by regulating one’s Dietary Habits, External Activities, and Thinking Process; by this, it is possible to gain over one’s Life and remain Healthy.

Concept of Health according to Yoga Vasistha-

Adhi Vyadhi Binirmuktam Santustam Yasya Manasam

Thus a person who is free from Physical Disease, Psychosomatic Disease and has a Satisfied & Contended Mind is called Healthy.

Concept of Disease and Health according to Ayurveda, the Science of Life-

Intake of Improper Diet and leading an Improper Lifestyle (Mithya Ahar Vihar) leads to an aggravation of the TriDoshas.

A Balanced State of three Life-forces (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), three Combustive Fires (Jatharagni, Bhutagni, Dhatvagni), seven Body-building Tissues (Rasa, Rakta, Mamsa, Meda, Asthi, Majja, Sukra) and Excretory System, along with a Cheerful State of Mind, Senses & Spirit, is called Health.