Om Ayeem Hreeng Kleeng Chamundayyai Vichhaiy !

I encounter this Bangla Tantric Maharaj at a spiritual festival. He introduces the concept of DasaMahavidya Pooja, as he invites us, yogis, to partake of its ceremonies & prasad on a new moon occasion. He mentors us as to the ancient & authentic tantric rituals, to appease the Goddesses & invoke the Forces, for attaining the fruits of our sadhana. As the seer, he asks to get my horoscope charted out, for him to study & confirm what lays before me.

In the neighbouring camp, where we are put up by the local yet commercially active contender of a Tantric Maharaj, the doting Shastriji there, gladly obliges to frame my horoscope chart, along with his own readings. Great prospects & a promising future in the offing, I am foretold. Along with a gemologist at a stall, under the aegis of the Maharaj, all experts agreed, a Ceylonese Gomed gemstone onto a silver ring, should help ward off unwarranted eventualities, owing to the planetary influences. Meanwhile, at the camp of this hosting Tantrik Maharaj, we pitched in by entertaining interested participants & customers, for chakra meditation (of the 3rd eye) & yagya ceremonies (of Maa Bhagwati), as we got tutored, how to work the yantras & the mantras, as per the tantra shastras, along with the use of lotus beads rosary, being ideal for the Goddesses & the chakras.

Along the way, we garnered the sanidhya of a famed manch baba, a siddha, who has his ashram at the hills of Vindhyachal, which I learned is a center for tantra sadhana of Vindhyavasini, the shakti form of Yogmaya. Interestingly when we first approached Him, introducing ourselves as being into yoga & tantra, he matter of factly mumbled, ‘Yes, I am aware’, followed with an excitable talk on yoga & an experience of cosmic meditation At another instance, he gave us a glimpse of his at-one-ment with the elements, as he played with the brightness of the sun for all to witness in awe. That explains his form & title being Brahmaleen – into Brahman.

At the fag end of our stints at this spiritual sojourn of sorts, the Bangla Maharaj handed us over to a younger but higher posted sadhu, his disciple, & the president of the sadhus, as the Thanapati Maharaj at the Kamakhya temple. He had camped just like any other naga baba, with his dhuni, subsisting only on green tea & chillum smoke. He was the one running the camp & had his responsibilities, along with attending to us as the guests, looking into our stay & food, till he sees us off. By the by, we got to know of his lifestyle, & he learned of yoga, conceptual & practical, as we exchanged notes. His excitement was palpable when he got the cue to performing the headstand, step by step, which he has long been wanting to master, he claimed.

So much for Maharaj & the esoteric sciences. I have yet to touch upon how the Maharaj took up his readings of my horoscope, visited me at my hometown, & set me thinking, contemplating.