During a Homa I got invited to, I had this beautiful imagery arise in my mind- that of Shiva and Shakti, as dark and red, at the lower energy centers of Creation, Narayan and Lakshmi, all golden and yellow, at the Radiating centers, and finally white and silver Brahma with the Wisdom of Saraswati, making its way at the top chakras. A kind of a revelation or understanding- where there is Shiva the Essence, there is Shakti the Form; where there is Narayan the Sustainer, there is Lakshmi the Medium; where there is Brahman the Truth, there is Saraswati the Broadcaster. 

This is how it gradually came to my understanding:

Creative Principle-Womb-Generate-Grow-Manifest-Reflect-Tantric-Shaivism-Shaktism-Pure Perfect Potent Power


BrahmaVidya-Brilliance-Radiance-Expression-Glow-Light Life Love Joy

Everything around emerged out of the stirring of the primal force, disintegrating into various elements. All of the existence, therefore, is effectively only there to disturb the peace, since essentially it is a function of disturbance. The peace we seek is rightly known to exist only within. That peace is wherefrom we emerged at all, thanks to the intention of the Almighty. That peace is the only source of strength. It is the force, the cause of all creation. Matter and form along with power and energy- put together at various frequencies- is how our existence comes about.

Living it out.. is just to be.. therein it all transpires.. just right, as best, perfect, as meant to be. When & where, how & why, it is to be.. nothing matters. Just this instant, here and now is as good as any other time or place at any point. It’s like an all-encompassing screen or a single unit comprising of all possible components in various densities & intensities.

So long as I am in That, All That, only That, It works for me, with me; It works me, I work it; All for me, Me for all; ultimately All for That. It all then comes to me, and I am that much wealthy. Infinity is my source, the impossible is possible in That force field. This I say out of that expansiveness I sense within & without. That is wherefrom I function, I connect with all, I feel for all. Just breathe in That, breathe out That. Only in That mode all through.

Now radical steps entail radical effects. It turns out to be a happening existence. Just got to appreciate every nuance of the developments that Almighty sets for us as per our inclinations! Not a stage comes where we are not dealt with a grade up in understanding & functioning if only it is allowed.

Never mind the people around. The poor souls are prey to typical expectations and resultant stagnation or frustration. As it is nobody is happy and nobody allows to be happy. All because of mindset. We can be riding a cloud with the Forces at work; where we are essentially working That, towards all of This, upliftment of all, then we can be rocking it for good measure.

I resign to how the Creator intends to craft it. Step by step I take it up. I got to live it out accordingly. What else is there to it. As long as I feel fulfilled at any point as such. Any step is in effect going to be imperfect. And that is what takes off at all. This being an imperfect representation of the perfect.
Life on earth is bound to be a field of challenges. Challenge being to keep up the celebration of That connect

Kali, the dark element, the existence at all, without the lights, formless and timeless
Gets her beloved ones waxing & waning, always refreshing & refining
Uprooting & destabilizing, challenging the very existence
Driving to the point of the potent & powerful, the pure & perfect, more & more
Towards the very source, the Creative principle Therein lies the beauty of the black & the red, & the all-consuming & clarifying fire.