Four time-slots -comprising a Papiya Day. Our day is known to comprise of chaar prahar.

After a night full of rest, the day starts with the cleansing ablutions, an empowering sadhana, followed by an invigorating bath, the first nutritious meal of the day, all fuelled to take on the responsibilities for the day.

Mid-day is to treat the system with some system-activating kriyas, feed on a wholesome freshly cooked fare, post-meal relax in mudras to help enhance the digestion & assimilation process, all set thereafter to get on with the tasks that await.

Come evening, and its time for some stretches & the dynamic, before some tea & snacks, with family & friends, enjoying the outsides, watching a show together, and catching up with networking.

An early supper is in order, followed by quiet reading, a meditative practice, drifting to sleep, all fulfilled & contented.

In effect, every slot has got 4 components, that of a practice, a meal, a rest & recoup session, & a gainful engagement.