Fish Flap Pose: Activity in Inactivity: Inactivity in Activity

My Track record – to Trace the Trail of Twists & Turns along the Trials & Tribulations

Papiya tale has had an identity of its own, steam of its own. It still does. There is a quality of a breeze to it, of air which takes to the form of wind, at times storm, or stillness. Boundless, uncontainable. Fathomless, but with an undoubtedly feel-good factor. Subjected to the Vagaries of Nature & the Laws of the Universe, attuned to the Forces of the Cosmos as the process of blossoming takes over. All-encompassing, enveloping & embracing, all-pervading. With a touch of that Grace, assuring of the Presence, in a language of the soul.

Over to the chapters of one such hard to capture personality, with an aim to unravel the element of Papiya in Yoga & Yoga in Papiya

Cool as cucumber, carefree, quiet, gentle, talkative, chirpy, mystical, musical, elusive, pensive, creative, sportive, adventurous, raring, scholarly, sprightly, sensitive, adamant, aggressive, recluse, partying, complicated, careless, trend-setter, dreamer, writer, player, as in sports & athletics ; these are some labels Papiya gathered at her growing years, coming about as a kaleidoscope of sorts.

Career making years entailed well thought out charting, in favour of accountancy; in honour of brains & market & convenience, as against art & heart & adventure; which eventually turned out to be a journey to nowhere. The exposure to the functional faction of society sure has its after-taste, of ‘been there, done that’. I kept up with my inclinations; making murals, taking violin lessons, regular visits to the temple, enrolling into a Yoga camp conducted by Vivekananda Yoga Kendra, Pune, a center by the prime yoga research institute, SVYASA, Bengaluru. I religiously practiced the SMET program (Stress Management of Excessive Tension module for corporates) therein, along with its finer instructions on sitalikarana, sakti-vikasaka & suksma vyayama, asana, pranayama, mudra & bandha; which then took me a long way.

I got married into the Olive greens, the military, by choice, to be able to court dynamism & the enigma. Rock & roll times ensued, what with mystical associations with the elements & spirit. Reiki made its way into my existence & lifestyle, ruling & guiding my family of four towards the higher aspects, of the Life forces & energies; as over time I attained Mastership in Reiki, being associated with Cosmic Rhythm, Bhopal.

That was into my twenties, & ever since it has taken over such, I live in Reiki, I live Reiki, I am Reiki. As I entered my thirties, BrahmaVidya entered my being; an ancient esoteric science of Mental physics involving Spiritual breathing exercises & Meditational affirmations. Needless to say, it works marvelously, in accordance with the intensity of lessons & practices.

My issues of sorts got me onto novel ways of dealing myself out of them every time; for example I chanced upon Sahaja Yoga as Aura, Nadi & Chakra meditation, Tattwa Yoga of Mudras, Homeopathy principle of Similia, Quantum Energy, Superfood supplements, Herbal remedy, Nature Cure with 5 elements by Detoxification, Healing power of Creative Visualisation, Subliminal Affirmations, Mantras, Energy Circles, Switch words, Frequency codes, Music therapy, Panchakarma, Satkarma, Zumba – fitness with fun. There is this wonderful affair, once attuned, with the Cosmos & its rhythm; it takes one on a journey of unfolding, into myriad aspects of it.

The forties led me to a chapter of opening up to the world; world of theories & world of seekers and masters. Sri Sri Ravishankar’s Art of Living community kind of adopted me, as I gained my exposure of conducting myself, onto grooming sessions in various fronts & subjects like Kriya, Sadhana, Seva, Satsang, Samarpan, Sahaj Samadhi, Moun Sadhana, Guru Pooja, Trikal Sandhya, Yagya Shastra, Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Bhajan Sandhya, Devi Aradhana, Guru Purnima, Guru Mantra, World Culture Festival, in addition to particularly Thematic workout, Spine care, Power walk, Brain yoga, Yoga Nidra . Along the way, a major shift took place, as I got enrolled into Mastership in Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences at Sri Sri University at Cuttack. It opened up a vast knowledge base of scriptures & practical application of Yogic concepts.

I participated in workshops, I conducted workshops. I garnered certificates in Acupressure, Mitahara – yogic diet cooking, Yog Mahotsav Unnat asana pavilion, Yoga seminar on how “Yoga combats Combat-stress”. I interned in an Institute of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences, Pune, where I also got the opportunity to treat inmates to Reiki healing and Medical yoga. For my presentation, the topic I came up with resonated with current trends, going by the name of “Tech-savvy”, which helped give me & my peers a peek into the future in the field of yoga. I conducted a self-designed Yogic Management Workshop for Defence Officers & Families at Defence Services Officers’ Institute, Jabalpur, based on Integrated Approach to Yogic Therapy, for betterment & maintenance of health in mind, body & spirit.

It was a whole world of yoga before me to explore –Hathayoga, Kundalini yoga, Tantra yoga, the tenets in the Vedas, Upanishads, the Bhagwad Geeta, Pranavidya, Yogasutras, Ayurvedic lifestyle & remedies, Yogic psychology, Study of the life & teachings of accomplished yogis, advanced yoga techniques, yoga in a flow, meditation modes & methods, as I also stumbled upon the famous buddhist practice of Vipassana, which kind of completed the basics for my knowledge & experience.

As I stepped out of University with the PG degree, plus a government-approved Teacher training certificate to my credit, it led me to a roller coaster of ventures & venues. Partnering for a Startup yoga studio, raising a Health farm with a Naturopath, conducting a Well-being camp with Ramkrishna Seva Mission at the greatest spiritual congregation of Kumbh at Prayagraj, introducing Practical yoga festival at museums & temples along with Bhakti yoga folk shows to the Cultural ministry at Ujjain, contracting to run a Tantra Vidyalaya with a Maharaj as the mentor, a Yoga retreat at Kashi ghat with the Rajkumari as an accomplice, offer to establish a Yogashram as part of a Trust deed for a Swamiji who saw a promise, heading an international Institution for yoga Research & Teacher training at Vrindavan, taking up the yoga Hall at AnandomoyeeMaa ashram towards fulfilment of its purpose to make Nature cure available at the heart of Pune city.

All of this in a mere year’s time opened up for me higher & greater facets of the Yogic way of life & its promotional avenues. I had invaluable encounters with sadhus & sants, mahatmas & mahants, at pilgrim centers galore, graciously receiving & entertaining, supporting & providing, tutoring & mentoring, nurturing & culturing keen seekers with the aim of exchange of vidya. Interestingly, the saints & seers typically identified a mohini as they set eyes on me, with a shakti quality or a guru element; and just as there was a story being woven around me as Sita, the AdiSakti, it gave me the impetus required to coin my identity on my business card, which seemed to be the need & order of the day. The trip meticulously leads me onto the Digital & Automated Field. And here I am…