Rolling stone gathers no moss; Does it ask me to stay or move

I carry heaven with me; wherever I go

So there is the way of the stagnant; The comfort zone

Then there is the choice to step it up; To strive for the beyond

There is the option to dissolve; Into the Almighty

Or there is the urge to evolve; To refine, to reform

The more I embrace; The more I face

The more I open up; The more closures emerge

I look for rock & roll; I get the roller coaster ride

The more I look to set; The more upsets stare at me

Whether to grow out of or grow towards; Both take leave of me

Yet what is it about this life; If not give oneself up to unveil

Let Nature work its Laws; Let the Cosmos be the field

I am your creation, you know it best; Be with me, keep me with you

Take me, make me, work me, live me; Set me up and set me off

I trust you to take up & take on; Do what you will, I’m all yours

All of which brings me to a halt; A pregnant pause…

There is everything; At this point of nothing

Do I make the effort; Do I allow effortlessness

It happens, it comes; I get, I receive

Once I take the leap; I got to learn to chill

Abide in the constant; That core within

With the whirlwind around; Only to marvel & revel

All crazed & dazed; Bedazzled & sozzled

Yes, that’s the way; to the High

The Highway to Euphoria; Well, that’s the choice I dare