This is Why you should go for Healing with Water Cure

Water is the most ancient of all remedial agents. Water cure takes advantage of unique principles and healing properties of water to treat various symptoms of body and mind. Water has therapeutic value as an assistive or resistive force when used at different temperatures, pressure, volume, form for a definite time period. Water eases the pressure on the body, relieving pain, allowing more movement. Water provides a safe and supportive environment wherein gentle exercises against the resistance of water brings about strength and endurance, with better coordination and balance.

Hydrothermal therapy makes use of the additional effects of temperature on the body and entails submersion of small or large body surface areas. It enables to absorb heat or communicate heat. It exploits the body’s reaction to sensations with respect to hot and cold stimuli. Hot water relaxes and dilates blood vessels allowing more flow, causing sweating which rids the body of impurities and relieves water retention. Heat therapy facilitates tissue repair by supplying protein, nutrients, and oxygen at the site of injury. Cold treatment causes vasoconstriction at the skin surface, stimulating the flow of blood away from the skin towards the internal organs, in an effort to warm up and bring to normal temperature. This increases vital power by generating more heat. Topical cold application results in decreased tissue temperature and creates a local anesthetic effect.

Water hydrates the body cells. It is an effective method to boost the circulation of the blood vessels and in flushing the lymphatic channels. This increases internal activity as it increases the metabolic rate. It invigorates the skin and the muscles, strengthens and stabilizes the back, enhances the range of motion for the joints and activates the underlying organs. It increases heart rate and opens the airways. The nerves carry the impulses felt at the skin to the deeper parts of the body where it is instrumental in influencing the production and regulation of hormones. It can result in greatly improving the mental outlook.

It builds up the defence mechanism. It helps recuperation and rehabilitation, as it calms and soothes the sores, promoting physical well-being. It relieves the stress-causing spasms, which occur owing to the tightening of spinal muscles and the narrowing of spaces in the vertebrae, which leads to pressure on the nerves and resultant pain. Excess fluid in joints and limbs passes into the bloodstream and thus deals with any movement restricting conditions of inflammation, that of strains, sprains, and injuries. Raising the body temperature can help the destruction of viruses and bacteria. It fights obesity. Hydro-physiotherapy is beneficial for neurological conditions but contraindicated for heart problems.

Benefits of this therapy can be attained by alternating hot and cold water, with 3 minutes of hot, 30 seconds of cold, for 3 rounds, and 3 times a day. A constant torrent of water cools the nerves and rouses the spirits. Water in motion as in soft waves, gently kneads the surface, stimulating the touch receptors on the skin. Aromatherapy oils or medicinal herbs may be added to the water. Water can be used in various forms of steam or ice, dips or jets, wraps or packs, rubbing or douches, compresses or as a fomentation, and may be administered internally or externally. It can be used safely for colonic irrigation, wherein water flushes out toxins and deposits allowing more nutrients to be absorbed.

As a drinking aid, water on an empty stomach makes one active. It kick starts metabolism. At night the body repairs itself and casts out all the toxins. Flushing out all the acids and formations in the morning leaves the body fresh and healthy by keeping it infection-free and pH balanced. Diluting makes it easier for the kidneys to process. It makes the stomach ready to properly breakdown the foods consumed and to fully absorb all the nutrients therefrom. It enables a thorough wash of the gastrointestinal tract making bowel movement smoother. It helps replenish and maintain the water reserves preventing symptoms and conditions of dehydration. It increases the activity of the red blood cells, in effect bringing more oxygen to the cells, giving more energy. It improves skin and muscle tone. It balances the lymphatic system leading to improved levels of immunity. It aids in new cell generation leading to muscle growth.

Thus, water plays a vital role in all the bodily functions as water makes up about three-quarters of the body composition. Water cure brings about instant rejuvenation at all levels. Hydrotherapy is one of many techniques used by naturopaths; the body is treated holistically, with the aim of maintaining biochemical, physical, and emotional balance.